Congratulations! You built your business from the ground up, and now you’re so busy it’s costing you customers.

At some point, you might’ve noticed your leads and sales starting to trend downward. You can only do so much, and if you’re busy making more money, then at some point, your attention is diverted elsewhere, and phone calls start getting dropped. It can be incredibly tough juggling all the duties you might have, which is why hiring a virtual receptionist can help you stay focused on your job.

What happens if you get a lot of calls in at once? Or if a lead calls in after hours ready to buy? Are you prepared to answer the phone 24/7 and still get your job done?

Unless you’re Superman, there’s a simpler way.

Always There to Answer the Phone

You were born to create and inspire. You do it every day with your work. And while you may enjoy taking calls from customers, it can be distracting. The higher the demand for your job, the less feasible it is to handle every call yourself. You want to provide top-notch customer service, but in-house receptionists cost around $30,000 per year. If you own a small business, that might not be in the budget.

A virtual receptionist is the best of both worlds. Not only do you have someone there who will always answer the phone and provide stellar service, it’s incredibly cost-effective. There are numerous ways you can use virtual receptionists as an extension of your business and bring in more leads and clients.

Fantastic Customer Service

We know how important customer service is to a thriving business. In a lot of ways, just having someone around to answer the phone is huge in the minds of a lot of customers. How long will they sit on hold before hanging up and calling your competitors? If you miss their call completely, then you’re just out of luck and will have to hope they’ll call back later.

Do you have a friendly, classy company greeting? Maybe there’s a script you use to heat up a cold lead? Either way, a virtual receptionist will be there 24/7 to cultivate your leads and bring in even more sales. They are often highly trained professionals, which means most of your clients will have no idea they’re talking to an answering service.

An Extension of Yourself

When you or your staff handle calls, it can be distracting and keep you from doing the work you need to be doing. But hiring a virtual receptionist is like adding on an extension of your company for a much lower price. Not only do you have someone monitoring the phones at all times, but they can book appointments, give directions, read a script, forward calls that might be more important, help with social networking and provide any other necessary information.

Having a virtual receptionist is also one way to set you apart from your rivals. A recent survey by American Express revealed that 70 percent of Americans would willingly spend more money on a company with excellent customer service. If you can get a good handle on your client base, then you might have a leg up on your competition who still can’t figure out how to answer the phones without paying a premium for help.

Build Authority

In the long run, hiring a virtual receptionist makes good business sense. Premium customer service is essential for the health and longevity of your business, and you can’t do it alone. Hiring some virtual help is not only professional, it might even improve your standing within your market. Companies that need an answering service are usually top corporations that can afford a large staff.

If you’re looking for the next step to take in your business without spending a ton of money, hiring a virtual receptionist is a good move. You’ll look better and make great first impressions, and you’ll have a means of cultivating more leads and prospects while still focusing on your primary job.

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